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Material Application of Hotel Room Decoration
For hotel decoration, interior space layout is various and has complex function, the material should be in accordance with the functional requirements of each space.

Such as indoor bath space, for it is in a wet environment for a long time, the material of ground and wall adopts ceramic tile, marble, granite, glass, stainless steel plate and so on, we can choose the mosaic and other moisture proof, corrosion resistant materials, we also should pay attention to skid resistance.

hotel decoration
To build atmosphere, hotel water area has dark light, the fine material is not very good to have effect, and some strong or block surface material is more suitable. Hotel room decoration material should be considered sound insulation, noise reduction, etc.
In addition, with the development of era, the hotel decoration materials is changing quickly, the new material is constantly used in interior space, and the application of these new materials has a strong leisure entertainment space and instructive sense.

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